Planes after restoration

Plane Restoration

Stanley “Brothers In Arms” Hand Plane Restoration

This video shows the steps taken to restore two corroded Stanley Planes, a No. 4 & a No. 5 1/2.
Both Planes were severely corroded and took some cleaning up to get them to a working condition.

**The video shows the plane parts being immersed in a solution as part of the electrolysis process to remove the rusty coating from the planes.
The solution is simply water and washing soda – (sodium carbonate), mixed in a concentration of one tablespoon of sodium carbonate per 4 litres of water.
The d.c. voltage source negative is always connected to the work piece – (the plane parts in this case).

By Will Matthews
Published on YouTube Jul 4, 2017

Will Matthews has produced some excellent videos on restoration work (and one workbench project).
His YouTube Channel can be viewed <Here>

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