Mortising Jig

How To Make A Perfect Mortising Jig

How To Make A Perfect Mortising Jig An excellent and  very thorough video showing the construction and use of a mortising jig offering maximum flexibility and precision when cutting the mortises. ** No audio on the video – except the sound of the tools when used. Worth spending the 15 minutes to view such a […]

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Drill Stand

4 in 1 Drill Press Build

4 in 1 Drill Press Build This is an interesting video — the creation of an affordable, simple, drill press. ** Note the use of his own tools/attachments (angle grinder, sander & lathe), shown have been built using the same approach – a very “Handy” man. A very worthwhile project to consider when money is […]

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A Beginners Toolset

Basic Tools For A Woodworking Beginner

A great video discussing a basic set of hand tools and power tools which would provide a woodworking newcomer with a good basic kit.  The presenter makes a very good point that one does not necessarily need to buy the most expensive brands — sometimes it is the accessories that make the difference (eg; his […]

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