The Joys Of Woodworking


Woodworking is a wonderful pursuit, providing immense benefits to the people taking part – exciting, stimulating and satisfying on so many levels.

♦  Exciting — Intellectual stimulation is attained while working through a well documented woodworking project plan and creating a beautiful and/or productive object through your own efforts.

♦  Sensory stimulation occurs when the woodworker is surrounded by the beautiful aromas of freshly worked wood — whether being sawn, planed or drilled, and can be likened to the effects of the seductive aroma of freshly brewed coffee on a coffee addict (count me in!).

♦  Satisfaction in creating your woodworking project and seeing it be successfully completed is the absolute best reward!

♦  Physical activity is naturally required in order to create any woodworking project and, (whilst this may not be activity on an Olympic scale), is a benefit and a reward in itself.

♦  Whilst the smell of freshly worked wood has to be experienced first-hand (you have to be there!), we will present many of the visual joys here in sharing “Bits & Pieces”, along with selected videos, (examples below), representing desirable and useful woodworking projects.

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Easy Hand Cut Dovetails Using a Magnetic Guide An excellent video on the processes to follow in marking out and
Incredible how this table saw jig works A very detailed video showing the  simple creation and use of a table
How To Make A Perfect Mortising Jig An excellent and  very thorough video showing the construction and use of a
Crosscut Table Saw Sled An excellent video showing the production of a table saw sled using old pallet material and
4 in 1 Drill Press Build This is an interesting video -- the creation of an affordable, simple, drill press.
Laminated Pine Workbench From 2x4's This is a brilliant build -- the creation of an affordable, simple, heavy laminated workbench
This is a step-by-step woodworking tutorial video demonstrating how to build a double ended flip-top workbench. The perfect organization solution
A great video discussing a basic set of hand tools and power tools which would provide a woodworking newcomer with
Stanley "Brothers In Arms" Hand Plane Restoration This video shows the steps taken to restore two corroded Stanley Planes, a
This video shows the construction of an elegant bench solution for woodworkers with limited space. Joining two mobile, modular sections